Lawn & Garden — Potatoes

Planting Potatoes

It’s that time of year again, onions and potatoes have arrived. It has been cold and nasty but onions need to get in the ground pretty soon. We have a little time on the potatoes, but now is a great time to start getting them prepared.

Everyone has their own opinion about getting the potatoes to form eyes, but anything you do now will help you come planting time. We recommend setting the potatoes out where they can get some air on a piece of newspaper or spread out in a box. Let them set in a cool dry place for a couple of weeks.

A couple of days before you get ready to plant, cut them into pieces. Just make sure there are one or two eyes on each piece. Let them sit for a couple of days to form a skin over the cut area. This will help them keep disease out.

Then it's time to plant. Dig your row a few inches deeper than you want to plant the potatoes, and then refill to your planting height. This will give you some loose dirt underneath them to help moisture settle and help root development. Space your potatoes anywhere from 4-12″ apart and then cover them with a couple of inches of dirt. Keep covering them through the growing period to help the grow up and produce more potatoes.

Good luck with your garden this year!

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