Elbon Rye Grain is a type of cereal rye.  It is best adapted to the Southern and Central United States.  It was developed and released from the Oklahoma Agricultural Station.  Elbon Rye has excellent winter forage production and early maturity.  It has large, soft stems and upright growth habit.  The forage has high moisture content, produces plants which have more winter growth, are more erect, and are approximately two weeks earlier than Abruzzi.  Elbon Rye is winter hardy and will grow rapidly during the warm periods in the cold winter months.  Late freezes may injure the plant but it will usually recover and produce a seed crop.  This variety was basically developed for high forage yield allowing grazing late fall thru early spring.

Planting Rates:
Drill Rate:  60-120lbs./acre
Broadcast Rate: 120-150lbs./acre
Seeding depth: 1/4” to 1/2”
Planting Time:  Deep South: Sept.- Oct. & Central: Aug.- Sept.
pH: Tolerates 5.5-7.5
Fertilizer: 200-300lbs. per acre

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