Flea Control Program

Flea Control Program

Fleas are difficult to control because of their life cycle.  At any one time the flea population is made up of 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupa and 5% adults.  Most insecticides are only labeled to control adult fleas.  Which means if you only use these products you are only killing 5% of the fleas leaving 95% to become adults within 10 days.  It is very important to use chemicals labeled for the control of larvae and eggs.


Step 1 – Spray entire area with Bifen(1/2oz per gallon per 1,000sq ft) and IGR(1oz per gallon per 1,000sq ft), - -Spray shaded areas and areas where animals generally rest, twice.         

Step 2 – 10 days after step 1 spray area with Bifen and IGR

Step 3 – 10 days after step 2 spray area with Bifen and IGR          

These three sprayings will generally eliminate most outdoor fleas, spraying with Bifen and IGR once per month can help from becoming re-infested.  Watering heavily just before you spray can help bring fleas burrowed in the sand up to the surface and can help the kill rate.  Bifen is the only product on the market labeled for Adults and Larvea, IGR is labeled to sterilize the eggs.


Step 1 – Vacuum all carpet, furniture and drapes, then dispose of vacuum bag outdoors.  Mop all hard surfaces with a cleaning agent.

                Step 2 – Spray entire home with Alpine Flea Bomb Spray

Step 3 – Repeat steps 1 and 2 in ten days even if you think you got rid of them the first time

On Pets

Step 1 – Use a flea elimination product, either Adams Flea Dip or Capstar.  If using a dip make sure it has an insect growth regulator in it, Adams Flea Dip does.

Step 2 – Use a monthly spot on flea control product or monthly pills.  Monthly products do not do a good job at getting rid of the fleas but they do help keep the fleas off of your pets.  Frontline, Advantage, and Advantix are all good products if used properly.  You must make sure the product contacts the skin.  The product that simply goes on the hair will not work.  Spread the hair very well when applying these products.  Keeping your pets on the products year round will greatly reduce your chances of becoming re-infested.  We also have CapShield monthly pills for fleas.

If you follow all of these steps and complete them at the same time you will be happy with the results.  It is an intensive program but this is what it takes to get the problem under control.  Failure to complete all of the steps will result in poor control.