Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Step 1: Soil Sample

  A soil sample is the only way to accurately fertilize your lawn.  For $15 we can analyze your soil to see what nutrients are available and make recommendations on what nutrients you need to add to your lawn.  To get a good soil sample dig down 6" in several places throughout the lawn and bring us about a quart of dirt.  We also offer a Soil Sample Service for $35, we come out pull the soil sample and look at your lawn for potential problems.


Step 2: Fertilize You Lawn

 It is critical to provide the nutrients your lawn needs in the fall because the roots system stores up energy in the fall to feed on during the winter months.  The more energy your lawn has in its root system the better it will come out of dormancy in the spring.  If no soil sample is available we recommend an 8-24-24 blend of fertilizer at a rate of 12 lbs per 1,000 sq ft(1 bag covers 4,000 sq ft).  This ensures you have adequate phosphorous and potassium in your soil.


Step 3: Weed Control

Kill the existing weeds with a topical spray such as Weed Out.  Spray herbicides work much better than granule products.  It is important to kill these weeds because more than likely they are perennial weeds and will come back much stronger next year.

Use a pre-emergent weed control such as Weed & Grass Stopper. This will stop weeds from germinating this fall.  It will stop Poa Annua(annual bluegrass), clover, hebit, and any other fall germinating weeds.