Vegetable Planting Calender

This is a vegetable planting calender which has been developed for the southern United States.  Planting dates can vary from year to year but this chart will give you a good range of planting dates for your vegetables.

January Plant tomato seeds in a hot house late January to early February
February Asparagus Carrot Onion Irish Potatoes Rhubarb Roots
  Asparagus Roots Herbs Onion Sets Radish Spinach
    Beet Leek Early Peas Swiss Chard
March Artichoke Cabbage Herbs Onion Radish
  Artichoke Roots Carrot Horseradish Onion Sets Rhubarb Roots
  Asparagus Roots Cauliflower Spring Kale Parsley Sorrel
  Asparagus Chives Leek Parsnip SPinach
  Beet Cress Lettuce Wrinkled Peas Swiss Chard
  Brussel Sprouts Endive Melons Irish Potatoes Turnip
April Artichoke Cabbage Cucumber Onion Rhubarb Roots
  Artichoke Roots Carrot Endive Onion Sets Salsify
  Snap Benas Celery Horseradsih Parsley Sorrel
  Lima Beans Cauliflower Leek Parsnip Swiss Chard
  Beet Chives Lettuce Wrinkled Peas Witloof
  Broccoli Corn Melons Pepper  
May Snap Beans Celery Endive Peas Salsify
  Lima Beans Cauliflower Lettuce Pepper Squash
  Beet Chives Melons Pumpkin Swiss Chard
  Broccoli Corn Mint Roots Radish Tomato
June Snap Beans Cabbage Cucumber Melons Swiss Chard
  Lima Beans Collard Corn Okra Tomato
  Beet Carrot Endive Pumpkin  
July Snap Beans Cabbage Corn Salad Okra Sock Beet
  Beet Collard Cucumber Pumpkin Swiss Chard
  Broccoli Carrot Scotch Kale Radish Tomato
August Snap Beans Carrot Corn Salad Mustard Radish
  Broccoli Collard Dandelion Early Peas Spinach
  Brussel Sprouts Chard Kale Irish Potatoes Turnip
September Snap Beans Carrot Cress Mustard Winter Radish
  Beet Cauliflower Kale Onion Spinach
  Cabbage Corn Salad Lettuce Onion Sets Turnip
October Cabbage Lettuce Onion Sets Spinach  
  Cauliflower Onion Radish turnip Turnip for salad
November/ Radish Spinach Onion Sets  Trunip for Salad