The Bergan K-9 Cafe Tray Pack Pet Food Dispenser makes feeding and watering your dog easy. The contents remain sealed inside until your furry friend decides to eat. This gray/blue Bergan pet food storage container offers automatic feeding of 25 lbs of dog food. It also includes a convenient snap-on base that holds five gallons of water. This storage container has a lid that's hinged and remains open for easy refilling. The item is designed for large dogs and is ideal for kennels and breeders to use. This feeder is made in the USA from BPA-free and FDA-compliant materials. 
Bergan K-9 Cafe Tray Pack Pet Food Dispenser, Gray/Blue, 26" x 23.25" x 15":
  • Automatically dispenses 25 lbs of food and 5 gallons of water
  • Designed for the larger breed dog
  • Automatic pet food dispenser is made from a BPA-free and FDA-compliant material
  • Keeps contents sealed inside
  • Base snaps on easily
  • Ideal for kennels and breeders
  • Hinged lid for easy refilling
  • Constructed from plastic
  • Made in the USA


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