Berlin Double Rope Side Pull Bridle

Side Pull


Made from Hermann Oak Harness Leather, the Berlin Side Pull Bridle is a bitless bridle that has spaces on either side of the mouth to attach reins.  This feature gives the rider more direct contact with the mouth of the horse.  The double noseband also helps connect the rider with the horse by providing greater contact and feel with the horse's nose. 

 The sidepull is a good choice for:

  • Young horses that are just starting out and learning to turn and stop.
  • Horses that have sensitive mouths and will not tolerate a bit.
  • Horses who fight the bit, chew the bit, or grab the bit with their teeth.
  • Horses with a history of dental problems.
  • Well-trained horses on trail rides.
  • Lesson horses that are being used by beginner riders.

The sidepull is not a good choice for:

  • Beginning riders on head-strong horses
  • Horses that carry their heads high in the air and throw their noses to evade rider's directions.


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