This is common Bermuda which has had that hull removed for faster germination. Can be planted after the threat of frost in the spring has past.  We recommend waiting until the soil temperatures warm up in the spring which is usually around the first of May.  You can plant any time during the summer months as long as you are able to apply irrigation.  If planting late in the season be sure to plant at least 60 days before our first frost is expected.

Seeding Rates:

Lawn: 1 lb per 500 square feet

Pasture: 15 lbs per acre

Seeding rate can vary tremendously. Bermuda is an aggressive grass which will spread rapidly with good conditions. The faster you would like the grass to be thicker the more seed you can apply.  Mowing practices also affect the thickness of this grass.  More often mowing promotes more lateral growth which makes the grass thicker.


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