Classic Spydr 30' Head Rope

Team Rope

$41.49 $43.99

You don't settle for less when you're out there performing, and your equipment shouldn't, either. That's where Classic Ropes comes in, touting their newest release to the team roping market.

A New Generation

An all-new generation has dawned: the time of the 5-strand head rope. And Spydr is leading the way.

Reliable and Strong

Featuring a slim construction, combined with a full weave, and ingeniously wrapped around an oversized core, the Spydr was carefully engineered to dominate the ring. If you're looking for something new, but reliable; balanced, but snappy; light, but strong, try out the 5-strand Spydr head rope.

PROS USING THIS ROPE: Luke Brown, 5x NFR Qualifier; Brandon Beers, 3x NFR Qualifier


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