Life Stages Exercise Pens are comprised of eight hinged panels, each 24" wide, making the pen 16 linear feet.  Heights vary from 24"-48" to acommodate your dog's height and agility.  Can be made into any shape, such as 4ft x 4ft square, or 4ft 5in x 4ft 5in octagon.
For Dogs Pen Height
11 - 25 lbs 24"H   (Eight 24" wide panels)
26 - 40 lbs 30"H   (Eight 24" wide panels)
41 - 70 lbs 36"H   (Eight 24" wide panels)
71 - 90 lbs 42"H   (Eight 24" wide panels)
91 - 110 lbs 48"H   (Eight 24" wide panels)

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