Oxytetracycline Injection
Broad spectrum antibiotic, containing 200 mg of oxytetracycline per ml, for the treatment of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including pinkeye, pneumonia and foot rot. For IM or SQ use in beef and dairy cattle and IM use in swine.
3-4 day blood and tissue levels.
Dosage: 4 mL per 100 of body weight. 28-day slaughter withdrawal in cattle and swine.
96-hour milk withdrawal.
Approved for Lactating Dairy Cattle!
Ready to use. No mixing, refrigeration or special handling needed.
One dose delivers 3 days of sustained therapy. Fewer injections mean less labor and animal stress.
Beef-Friendly SQ option is available to minimize risk of carcass blemish.
Approved for use in lactating dairy cows.
Administered by SQ or IV injection to beef and dairy cattle and calves, including pre-ruminating veal calves
96-hour milk discard, 28-day pre-slaughter withdrawal.

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