Cat Litter


Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter is a paper litter that helps everyone in your home breathe easier. Unlike clay litter, it creates no dust, so it's perfect for cats with respiratory problems or people with allergies. Okocat Natural Paper Litter won't track through your home like clay litter. Plus, it absorbs 200% its weight in moisture.

Okocat Natural Paper formula has no chemicals, additives, or synthetic scents that can be harmful to cats. Made from reclaimed fallen timbers and lumber materials, Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter is the eco-friendly way to take care of your cat's litter needs.

Odor Shield technology helps trap odors within the fiber so they cannot escape into the air- and it controls odors for 7 days! Okocat is biodegradable so you don't have to worry about its effect on landfills. Lightweight box with handle and pour spout are easy to carry and store.

Key Benefits

  • Okocat Natural Dust Free Cat Litter offers long lasting odor control in a dust-free formula. This is perfect for pets and people who have allergies or suffer from respiratory ailments.
  • Made to control odors for up to 7 days with its patented Odor Shield Technology. Okocat litter binds and traps liquids and odors longer without using chemical additives,
  • Its specially formulated pellets are firm on the outside and soft on the inside. It is fortified with long lasting odor control technology and has been lab-tested and proven to absorb more than 2X its weight in liquid.
  • Higher absorbency and higher yield means litter stays dry and lasts much longer than clay litters, or even other naturals. Superior clumping makes scooping and cleaning easier with less mess and less waste, saving you time and money.
  • It also has the added benefit of being biodegradable. Okocat is naturally lightweight and comes in a smart compostable package with an easy carry handle and pour spout.

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